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About us

For which we were created

When we were created, we put it this way:

We have been working for years to make better, tastier and more special craft beers to our delight. Our critics have been ourselves so far and have set the bar very high. Now that it meets our own expectations and we felt like we had outgrown the back yard after the kitchen, we were looking for a bigger playground for ourselves and our beers had gone from artisan to craft!
That's how we became the gipsy brewing team in Pilisborosjenő, Hungary. 


When we were created

Our first experimental craft beer were made in 2016 at home. Encouraged by our own maximalism and our close relatives, this was followed by more and more brewings. IPA, APA, wheat and porter beers followed one another on the list. We’ve perfected the recipes, and our technology has also crystallized slowly. In 2018, we took the first real big step and brewed our first beer for the general public, FRACTAL West coast IPA, which we presented at the B52 Jazz Festival in Pilisborosjenő with great success. We are constantly learning, experiencing, evolving. We look to the future positively and try to get the most out of all our beers.

But why Hajnali Sörfőzők (Brewers of the Dawn)?

The name ‘Brewers of the Dawn’ is tied to the brewing team in many ways. It can be interpreted in several ways. More than once, the hard work or fun dragged on until dawn. Typically, brewings with a good atmosphere also last until dawn so that we can close all work processes! Or we just start at the dawn.


Our Plans for the future

What could be the dream of a gipsy brewing group? Of course, it is to build a brewery what not yet exist, in their home village in Pilisborosjenő. That goal floats before our eyes, and we work hard on it day in and day out. We hope to be able to make the first batch in our own brewery as soon as possible. In the meantime, it’s important for us to evolve and experiment. Directness is important to us, so we try to be everywhere where our beers flows in person. We want our beers to provide not only pleasant flavors but a lasting experience. This is how brewing is a real experience for us.


András Molnár "Monyó"

He started brewing beer before ancient times. Well, it has nothing to do with the brewery called by the same name (Monyo Brewery) .... one of the founders of our brewing team, the first official brewer! Luckily, it’s not as dark as her favorite Porter, but the humor isn’t as bitter as Fractal! It has been his big dream for years to have a brewery in the village (Pilisborosjenő) and he works every day for it. Feel free to ask him, as as a history-German teacher he knows the history of brewing and the Brewers of Dawn down to the smallest detail! Nagy álma már évek óta, hogy sörfőzdéje legyen a faluban, és minden nap dolgozik ezért. Kérdezzetek tőle bátran, hiszen történelem-német szakos tanárként a sörfőzés és a Hajnali sörfőzők történetét is a legapróbb részletekig tudja!


Péter Gyenis

Péter Gyenis alias “Silent Partner” is the most calm member of the team, he is the second official brewer who is really cold-blooded. Her natural habitat is the big city, its characteristic appearance is the yellow-black football field with the Dawn logo. However, under the guise of night, this large predator also often ventures into a nearby small village surrounded by Pilis forests to make the locals intoxicated with beer. he wears a disguise, but is easily recognizable by the logo labeled “ Brewers of the dawn” above his lyenkor álruhát ölt, de könnyen felismerhető a szíve fölött viselt „Hajnali sörfőzők” feliratú logóról.